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All You Wanted to Know And More


Presently we only ship across Canada.  There are some wonderful gift basket companies that we would recommend for international sales.

We collect payment through pay pal, etransfers and cash.

We specialize in creating exactly what you are trying to express. We will do our best, with all our supplier resources to get custom items that you request, we are also able to add any spirits* or company swag to any of our baskets.

*Recipients must be 19 years of age to receive any gifts containing alcohol.

We are here to create the basket you wish to send. You can exchange any products from our baskets or start from scratch and create your own basket.  Our inventory is constantly growing as we discover new and unique products. We have knowledgable staff that are able to ask just the right questions to help you decide on the gift you wish to give.

As it pertains to the BC Liquor Control Act, we are not a delivery service.  We cannot store any alcohol products.  All alcoholic beverages are purchased directly from a licensed retail outlet at regular prices.  We add a nominal shopping fee to the purchase price of the spirits for your basket.